A downloadable mimpi for Windows

Mimpi is a first-person perspective horror game that is based on an old story that has occurred to the water village in the past. According to the rumors that has been passing around the village that happened in 1979, a young lady named Noor Fatimah was murdered by her own family. Ever since the incident happened, the people in the village slowly disappearing. Rawa then experiences supernatural activity during his visit to the village that cannot be explained except to discover old messages at the place Player will be tasked with resolving the secret behind the death of Fatimah. According to the cultural beliefs it says that when a person goes out during Maghreb time, a person will experience disturbance from supernatural beings that is living around us. Maghreb occurs during sunset, it is also believed that Devils are always roaming around this time. The myth became a part of the life of our society, people believe the myth though difficult explained by reason. Myths that developed in the community, it is unclear where the origin of the source. 


RECOMMENDED RESOLUTION : 1280 X 720 ))))))))))))


MimpiDemo1.zip 354 MB

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